Suffering With Bloating? Expert Details Reasons And Shares Advice To Deal With It

Needless to say, bloating is one of the most commonly faced after-effects of a heavy meal, spicy food, or due to menstruation among women. Despite being temporary, the embarrassing symptoms of this natural occurrence, which include a tight stomach, nasty burps, and farts, can be painful. Therefore, paying immediate attention becomes necessary before the bloating indicates serious conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic intestinal disease, and small bowel bacterial overgrowth. Acknowledging this very urgency of care and guidance, obesity expert Dr Anjali Hooda, MBBS and MD, detailed the same in a candid conversation with the Hindustan Times.

Pointing out the reasons behind bloating, the expert revealed that heavy meals and spicy food are not the only reasons behind the condition. The Hindustan Times quoted Dr Anjali as saying, “Sometimes bloating can be due to underlying gut inflammation, food allergies, and unresolved parasitic infections.” Continuing further, the expert suggested keeping a diary of your dietary habits, wherein you must keep a track of the food that you have been consuming. Moreover, noting down how you feel after every meal will help you track certain foods that you have been reacting badly to. The report added that consumption of dairy products by lactose intolerant people and allergies to gluten are the most common food intolerances.

The same report quoted the chief registered dietitian of Mumbai’s Reliance hospital, Pratiksha Kadam, as saying, “When you frequently consume foods that are processed or high in sugar, the gut can find it difficult to process and eliminate waste.” Pratiksha further advised that during such scenarios it will be helpful to consume food with beneficial bacteria like probiotics, as it will improve gut health. The expert added that seeking medical help becomes crucial as bloating can be an indication of serious conditions and these conditions can be an indication of deadly diseases like cancer.